Señors Food Truck


Our family recipes date back generations. Both my Grandparents emigrated from Mexico in the 1920’s. My Grandfather was from Durango and my Grandmother was from Chihuahua. My Grandfather and his brothers went to Pittsburgh where they first worked in the steel mills, eventually moving to Detroit where they opened “Guzman Bros. Food Market”.

As a young boy of five years old, I traveled to El Paso, Texas with my Grandmother “Abuelo” on a train to visit my “Mama Grande” (Great Grandmother). I was the only one of the sixteen great grandchildren to ever meet her.

That is my very first memory of cooking Mexican food using Mama Grande’s ways; rolling out hand mixed dough each morning to make fresh tortillas on a two burner hotplate. Growing up, I spent most of my time in the kitchen with my Mother, teaching me what her mother taught her, and her mother before her. I can’t thank my Mother enough for spending the time with me in the kitchen, sharing her knowledge of great Mexican cuisine.

We still share this time occasionally today. I will be carrying on this tradition with my children, and grandchildren. We are excited to share out passion for cooking authentic Mexican food with the public.

TYPE OF FOOD: Authentic Mexican