Motor City Pasty Company


Motor City Pasty Company is importing tradition, bringing handfuls of goodness to the good people of Detroit. Just what is that goodness, you ask? The Upper Peninsula delicacy that is the pasty, a pastry you may have never heard of but definitely have to try, because it’s bound to be the next best thing in the food truck scene.

At Motor City Pasty Company, they’re making pasties just the way they did back in the good ol’ days. In fact, the meal originally came from Cornish miners who brought pasties with them while mining rich veins of copper and iron ore. It was easy to eat, and more importantly, completely portable, filling, and sure to stay warm during a long shift. Each pasty starts with a flaky pastry crust that’s then stuffed with hearty meats, fresh vegetables and potatoes for a fulfilling experience in more ways than one. So what are you waiting for? Satisfy your hunger and your penchant for good taste all in one with a pasty from Motor City Pasty Company. It’s bound to be the best you’ve ever had.